Do you have basic English writing skills and a strong desire to be financially independent, but clueless HOW?
Are you a freelancer struggling to make a consistent income every month?

Freelance Blogging Launchpad: The MOST Practical & Beginner-friendly Roadmap To Make 30-50K/Month ​

Who Is This For?

  • Students who want to pay off fees or support their family financially


  • Corporate employees who are exhausted with their 9-5 jobs and crave flexibility


  • Freelancers who are struggling to make a decent income every month


  • Home-makers who are looking to re-start their careers


  • Anyone with decent English writing skills & lots of determination to become financially independent


Meet Your Mentor

    • Top LinkedIn Copywriting Voice (across the globe)
    • 6+ yrs of blogging experience, 4 years of freelancing journey
    • Built a LinkedIn community of 21K+ people who look up to me
    • Worked with top-notch global brands including Ahrefs, WriteSonic, Bonsai, Flow, Sirona & more
    • Went from making INR 3,500/month to 35,000/blog as a freelancer
    • Mentored 100+ freelancers through paid programs

    • Inspired ~1000 freelancers, helped them level-up, and get paid opportunities
4 years ago when I started my freelance writing journey, I was clueless. I wish I had a mentor who could have helped me reach here SOONER.

So, today I want to be THAT mentor for YOU and share all my tried & tested, PRACTICAL strategies to help you make INR 30-50K within 3 months.

In Freelance Blogging Launchpad, You'll Learn:

  • How to write blogs that rank & get you paid (with a practical, STEP-BY-STEP process)

  • How to build a converting portfolio (with LIVE examples & analysis)

  • How to get your first or next client within 15 days (with imp. things to keep in mind)

  • How to connect on discovery calls & convert clients (along with qualifying clients & how to sound like a PRO even as a beginner)

  • How to prospect & pitch clients to ensure a consistent flow of income (with my real, tried & tested scripts)

  • How to price your services to make 30-50K/month (& how much YOU should charge)

  • How to onboard clients & work with them professionally (to retain them for months & years) 

+ Get Downloadable Resources

  • An invoice template

  • My contract template

  • A Google Sheet template to manage leads

  • My cold pitching templates that get responses & convert $1500/month clients

Register TODAY & Get 3 BONUS Modules

  • Whether or not to choose a niche (as a beginner)

  • Freelancing MINDSET to get financial freedom (A MUST-WATCH)

  • How to use ChatGPT to write faster & better (Leverage it instead of getting replaced by it) 

+ LIVE Q&As & LIFETIME Community Support

  • 6 LIVE group Q&As (1 every alternate Sunday for the next 2-3 months) to answer ANY & EVERY doubt you may have

  • Lifetime access to a VIP WhatsApp community with 3 months of exclusive mentor support to help you get unstuck instantly

How Much Does It Cost?

  • Access to all the pre-recorded videos (of 6+ hrs) with the MOST PRACTICAL STUFF you’ll ever find – (worth INR 12,999/-)

  • Downloadable templates & other resources – (worth INR 999/-)

  • 3 Bonus videos that will change your career for good – (worth INR 2999/-)

  • Lifetime access to a VIP WhatsApp community with 3 months of exclusive mentor support – (PRICELESS)

  • 6 LIVE group Q&As (i.e., every alternate Sunday for 3 months) – (worth INR 2999/-)

👉 Total Value-
INR 19,996

👉 What You Need to Pay TODAY -
INR 3,500

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Join TODAY & Get Access to All the Modules & Bonuses worth INR 19,966
at JUST INR 3,500

Freelance Blogging Launchpad – FAQs

This is designed with the core focus on freelance blog writers, but covers everything that ANY OTHER freelancer may need to start making 30-50K per month. The blog writing module may not be relevant to you, but if have a skill already/can learn, it will be equally helpful to you (& definitely worth what you pay).
All you need to start making money with this course is a stable internet connection, a device (preferably a laptop/PC) - a phone is fine to begin too, and decent English writing skills.
If you watch all the modules, complete the tasks & work as guided, you'll get your first client within 15 days & start making 30-50K within 3 months of getting access to this course.
No, you'll get everything mentioned above without any additional charges + you won't have to spend even a penny to start making 30-50K/month.
Don't worry! You'll get a recording for it.
You'll get the course contents through an email that you share while filling the form. It will be sent to you on 21st August after verifying your payment status. Pls note that you will get an access to it for 3 months to ensure you ACTUALLY take it seriously & implement it all.
If you don't have decent English writing skills, it won't be easy to find clients & keep them satisfied. A bit here or there won't be a problem though, as I can suggest ways to improve it too. It is not for anyone with poor English writing, and no time or willingness to implement what I teach. It'll also not very helpful for anyone who's already making at least 30K every month.
This is a beginner-friendly program for freelancers. If you have decent English writing skills, you don't need to worry. And if you're a freelancer with other interests & skills, it will be equally helpful to you.

Still have any questions?