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Kick-Start Freelancing

Do you aspire to come out of the 9-5 trap and be your own boss? Book a call and get a 3-month roadmap.

All your Freelancing Struggles

Do you struggle with finding clients, pricing your services, or building your portfolio? Ask all your freelancing doubts!

Instagram Audit & Growth Strategies

Struggling to get engagement on Instagram? Get personalized growth strategies along with a profile audit.

LinkedIn Audit & Growth Strategies

Finding it difficult to build your personal brand on LinkedIn and generate leads? Book a call to know my strategies. 

Reviewing Articles & Personalized Tips

Want to improvise your content writing skills? Get your articles reviewed and become a  highly-paid writer in this competitive industry.

Mentorship Program

Do you need constant support from a mentor who could hold your hand and take you closer to your goals? Join my mentorship program now!

Starting an Online Biz

Do you aspire to build an online empire online but need help with establishing it? Learn from my 3+ yrs of entrepreneurial exp.

Making Money Online

Do you just have a laptop/phone and an internet connection, but a lot of dreams and dedication? Book a call to know how YOU can make money online.

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have to say about me:

I took Aastha’s 1:1 consultation calls, and I must say it was worth it (Not like I was doubting this)! We talked a bit at starting and dived deep into it. It didn’t even feel like talking to a new person.

I just blurted out all my problems and she was well prepared with solutions. By the end of the call, any doubt I had about prospecting, discovery calls, cold pitching, was cleared. And not only that she gave me a confidence boost and excitement to finish the work!

The best part? It wasn’t strictly time-bound. The call carried on for about 100 minutes! But she didn’t rush the call to end it and made sure I had all my doubts clear.

If you are just starting, go for it!

If you are stuck somewhere, go for it! I promise you ain’t going to regret it.

Aastha is a good sort, I really loved the experience. The best first consultation call I could ever ask for!💛✨

Bhumija Gupta

Freelance Writer

I took a 1:1 paid consultation with Aastha and it never felt like I’m talking to a stranger, she made me feel warm and was non-judgemental about my thought process. She helped me narrow down my niche and gave me solid reasons for it! She made me understand what I should and shouldn’t and focus on. Highly recommended to anyone who needs a guide! Worth every penny!

Sanskriti Dhingra

Digital Marketer

I enrolled for a 1:1 consultation with Aastha and it was the perfect decision. Before the call, she had gone through my profile and was well-prepared to clear my doubts. If you are struggling in your content writing journey, a 1:1 consultation with Aastha will surely help you grow. She not only shared her knowledge but also encouraged me throughout the session to boost my confidence. I highly recommend her.

Anjali Udasi

Freelance Writer

Aastha’s consultation call was a life savior. I could learn a lot in just 30 minutes. The speciality is, it wasn’t a shower of random information. She made me understand what I should do and give more focus on. One on one call is best to have an understanding of your own problems and It’s been a great experience with Aastha. She was friendly and lovely. I’m glad I took her call. I recommend her for sure. For her fee, it is more than enough service she provides

Anjana Shibu

Freelance Writer

One of the most genuine person I have ever consulted has been Aastha Kochar. She addressed my every concern regarding freelancing patiently and also came up with various suggestions on how to upskill and upgrade oneself. Anyone who ever wants to be on this journey I recommend none other than Aastha. Thank you so much Aastha for the consultation

Aarti Surag

Teacher and Content Writer

Hey Aastha

Thanks for the 1:1 consultation with mine ! It really helped me alot and make my way clearer then before ,so huge round of applause to you ! I’m glad to have an mentor like you..
You’ve cleared all my long standing doubts regarding the start of my freelancing journey and making the way clearer so thanks for it !!
Hope I land my freelancing journey soon and thank you once again for the consultation call 🙂

Freelance Writer

I recently had a 1:1 consultation call with Aastha to learn more about growing as a freelancer. The call was truly satisfying & fruitful. She had listened to all the doubts and answer them with much patience and Grace! I am very happy and recommend all people to not miss the opportunity to take this consultation call! Once again thank you so much Aastha for this wonderful call and experience and it was my pleasure that I got this opportunity to talk with you! You are such an amazing soul! Best wishes for the future ☺😇

Dakshta Goyal

Freelance Graphic Designer

I had 1:1 consultation with Aastha and the way she connected and shared the knowledge about the process and journey to start freelancing was not only professional but also binding with personal touch.

She is not only incredible but will boost your confidence in a way that it is made for you and you can do it. The whole session was covered with micro details that will help you to start your own journey .

She did not time bound the consultation and made till all the doubts were cleared. There is a proper guidance on how you can land-up with clients and how to build network.

Also extended help is provided by her which help you to build the path. It was a great session and very realistic one. Hope people can join with Aastha and learn from her how to be a successful entrepreneur.

Vidhity Sharma

Freelance Writer

Aastha has always been an amazing mentor since the beginning of my writing career. Her 1:1 Consultation Call was really insightful and gave me the right path to grow as a writer. She was very thorough in her explanation and did not hesitate to extend the call in favour of complete satisfaction. I would definitely recommend her for anyone who is looking to start as a writer or a freelancer!
Arohi Verma

Freelance Writer

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